• What should I expect when walking into a Sorority house?

    Each Sorority is different in the ways they organize their Recruitment time. At most chapters the girls will be lined up on their stairs, waiting to greet you. They will then lead you to their large chapter room or to their individual rooms for conversation. Most will have scrapbooks and other items to show you that will help you get a better feel for their sorority.


    What does it mean to "maximize my options?"

    Maximizing your options means that if you visited five sororities in a day, you should list all five sororities on your ranking card. For example, you decide you only like three of the five sororities you visited and you decide to only list those three on your ranking card. By doing so, you decrease your chances of receiving an invitation back to those three sororities. However, if you list all five in the order you prefer them chances are greater that you will receive an invitation back to the sororities you like.

    So all in all, it is much better to rank all of the sororities that you visited than to just list the ones you prefer.


    Will I automatically get into a chapter at the end of recruitment?

    Sometimes it works out that a few girls will not be placed into a chapter and this could be for multiple reasons, such as the individual not maximizing her options. All of the girls will not get their first choice and some may not receive their second choice either. Just remember to keep an open mind because your perception of a chapter may change once you start really getting to know the girls!


    How do I decide which group I prefer?

    Think of if you would be happy spending your time with these girls. Do you share the same interests and personality traits? Do the values of the chapter align with your own personal values? Think of what you would like to contribute to a sorority and how your goals fit in with those of the chapter. In the end, it is your decision and your decision only!


    I am going to miss part of recruitment. Am I still able to participate?

    Yes you will still be able to participate however you should be aware that chapters may not invite you back because they did not have the chance to meet you. However, this being said, you should not be skipping class or work or any other important obligation to attend Recruitment events because you are in college first and foremost to get an education! Please tell your Recruitment Counselor if you will be unable to attend any event/round.


    Any other questions? Contact:

    Sierra Falk V.P. Recruitment - stfalk@eiu.edu

     Cristal Villarreal V.P. Recruitment Counselors - cvillarreal@eiu.edu

    Kelsie Abolt President - klabolt2@eiu.edu